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Please join the association and learn more about your Vick ancestry. Anyone interested in knowing more about their Vick ancestry is invited to join our genealogy society. We have a different fundraising campaign each year. This year, we will be working towards erecting a Monolith memorial to our first Vick settler, Joseph Vick

2022 campaign raised $40,000 to print The Vick Genealogy: The Study of a Southern American Family in White and Black by John Beatty, CG®, we published a two-volume set.  It totals over 1,000 pages and includes photographs.  The limited first edition of 250 copies has a hard-covered saddled-stitched binding with dust covers, which has quotes from Ted Shad, Henry Louis Gates, Jr & Shown. There is some information about the author. This book was published with the highest heirloom quality available by Walsworth Printing of Missouri.  Many generations of Vick's beyond today will be able to read and enjoy this book.


Joseph Vick Family of America, Inc., Board of Directors

Gailen Vick, Larry Vick, Lori Millsap, John Beatty, Jerry Vick, O. Richard Wright, Shadwrick Vick, Roger McGrew and Michael Vick