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Please join the association and learn more about your Vick ancestry.

Anyone interested in knowing more about their Vick ancestry is invited to join the association. We have changed from a membership fund raiser to an annual fundraising campaign. This year, those who contribute $500 or more will receive a copy of our new book.

The Vick Genealogy: The Study of a Southern American Family in White and Black by John Beatty, CG®, will be published in a two-volume set.  It totals over 1,000 pages and includes photographs.  The limited first edition will be hardcover with dust jackets in a slipcovered box.  This book will be the highest heirloom quality available.  Many generations of Vicks beyond today will be able to read and enjoy this book. See a detailed description of the book in the attachment to this email.

We plan to print the first edition this winter in time for Christmas.  You may acquire copies of this book by donating toward publishing costs.  The number of books you receive depends on the level of your contribution.  See the attachment to this email for details and contribution levels.  Donations must be received by September 15, 2022, to meet our publishing deadline.  We do not have plans to publish another hard copy version of this book beyond this First Edition set.  If you want to ensure that you get a copy, you need to make your donation during the solicitation time frame.  We have already received significant contributions toward our goal of $40,000.

If you would like to acquire copies of this book and donate, you may make your level of donation at the Joseph Vick Family of America website.  You may select your level of donation at the Joseph Vick Family of America website.


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