2020 Annual Meeting Dallas, Texas

June 26-27

We will be holding our Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas on June 26-27, 2020. 

Our activities are, Friday check-in and evening dinner gathering, Saturday workshops on the Vick family tree (with DNA reports) and on Sunday we attended the local churches of our members. Please see all the details below.

There are a large number of hotels to select from, which will be done as we move closer to the reunion.


   Friday, 26    Jun   
   3:30-5 PM    Check-in for     meeting (pay dues and register)   Workshop on "Family Tree Maker" Software
   5-7 PM    JVFOA Annual     Dinner (Texas Vick's welcome)   
   7-9 PM    Speaker – Subject;     
   Saturday, 27 Jun   
   6-10 AM    Breakfast –   
   10-10:30 AM    JVFOA Annual Board     Meeting -  
   10-11:30 AM       Texas & JVFOA     Vick Gathering -
   11:30AM-1PM      Texas & JVFOA     Buffet Bar-B-Que Lunch -
   1-2 PM     
   2-3 PM   
   4-5 PM       
   5-6 PM    JVFOA Annual     Meeting & Board Elections - 
   6-7 PM    Dinner - 
   7-8 PM   Speaker - DNA     Research, Data Base Project, & Presentations -   
   Sunday, 28     Jun   
   Sunday Services     (attend your local Church)   
   11:00 AM    Family Networking     –   

If you have question then contact our Event Coordinator; Mrs. Lori Vick Millsap, Events Coordinator, 750 Dalrymple Road, NE M-5, Atlanta, GA 36328 Tel. 251.533.8639 - Lori can be contacted at the following email, lorivickm@gmail.com - Local Host is Robin T. Yaklin