For those who have tested at 23andMe we have a Vick and Allied Families Ad Hoc DNA Project there.  It is an ad hoc project because 23andme does not have any support features for formal projects.  The project works by the members sharing at 23andme with James Larry Vick so he can compare the project members to each other to look for matching patterns.  If you are a descendant of Joseph Vick of Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County, Virginia or an allied family, you are welcome to “join” our project.  To do so, send a share request through 23amdme to Larry by signing in to your 23andme account and then clicking on “Family & Friends” near the top right of the page by the UPGRADE button.  Next select “Your Connections” and when the next page opens you will see near the top right an “Invite” button in blue.  Click on it and enter in the box that says “Who would you like to connect with?”  Unless you know your relationship to Larry, select “Other relative” in the dropdown list for the box “What is their relationship to you?”  Then just state how you are connected to the Joseph Vick family in the message box.  Select “Ancestry only reports” and finally click send.  Larry will then compare you to the over 130 other members of the project and let you know if there appears to be pattern to any matches with project members. 

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