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Have you hit a brick wall in your research? Can you prove your lineage just so far and then the trail ends? Well, two Vick family members started a project to identify direct line (patrilineal) male descendants of Joseph Vick through genetic testing.  As is usually the case with the surname, a son got his Y-DNA from his father.  The son's father got his Y-DNA from his father, and so on back through time.  Y-DNA is passed from father to son virtually unchanged generation after generation.  Occasionally, there are very small changes in the Y-DNA signature.  These changes can be helpful in tracing a man’s Vick pedigree.

If you are interested in the VICK Y-DNA Surname Project, go to for more information and test results.  Over 80 Vicks (including Vicks from other clans and countries) have been tested - more than 70 of them are descendants of Joseph1.  We have test results from descendants of all five of Joseph’s sons. 

If you have questions, you can contact James Larry Vick for Y-DNA  or Tommy Vick

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They can suggest the best level of testing and give you additional information.