Every year individuals from all over the world attend the Joseph Vick Family of America Genealogical Society. We listen to speakers, give presentations to educate the society on roots research and how to use all the modern tools that are at our finger tips (DNA). In the past we have gathered together to meet at a different location identified with the Vick family; Vicksburg, Mississippi & Isle of Wight, Virginia, but we have had annual meetings in the past at the following locations; Cape Girardeau, Kansas City, Paducah KY, Salado TX, Salt Lake City & Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2020 we launched broadcasting our meetings on Zoom.com so that everyone is able to be educated on our history.

We will be broadcasting Video & Audio live. Connect to our conference on Zoom.com - use your computer or smart phone by clicking this link; 

September 23-25th, 2022 - Fayettville, Georgia

Safety is always an important factor in our events, especially our annual meeting logistics. You should know that COVID-19 is one of our many concerns that we are constantly monitoring for face-to-face meetings.

So make sure that you are registered, that way when we send you the Broadcast link on Zoom.com you will be able to remain online during the scheduled speakers.

See the details of our schedule by clicking on our 2022 event

Agenda; We are in the final stages of planning our Annual Conference for 2022, So this is only a DRAFT

2022 Annual Meeting - Fayettville, Georgia - depending on the status of Covid-19 or any other plague. Our meetings will be tetecast via Zoom on September 23-24th

23 September - Friday afternoon    (free time at the local Court House & Library)

  1. 4 PM Workshop (How to Understand & Use DNA Research, presenter Mr. James Larry Vick)
  2. 5 PM Workshop (Set up your own Relative Finder, presenter Mr. Gailen Vick)
  3. 6 PM Picnic

24 September - Saturday -

  1. 7- 9 AM Breakfast
  2.  9 AM Annual Board Meeting
  3. 10 AM Annual Meeting & Board Elections
  4. 11 AM Board Meeting to Elect Officers
  5. Noon Buffet lunch
  6. 1 PM DNA Research, Data Base Project & Presentations
  7. Dinner

    Agenda; We are in the final stages of planning our Annual Conference for 2022, So this is only a DRAFT

       Saturday, September 24th, 2022   

      10 AM - ESTJVFOA Annual Board Meeting - Open to all JVFOA Members - Followed by JVFOA Annual Member Meeting & Election of Officers and Board members/final wrap-up.
        11 AM206.jpg
    Welcome by Gailen Vick - Along with a presentation on Free Software Solutions & Apps. Connect with relatives that are working on the same family lines. Gailen10, Sidney Calvin9, John Shadrack8, Arthur Robert7, Shadrack Rivers6, Arthur5, Shadrach4, Athur3, Richard2, Joseph1. Gailen & O. Richard Wright Esq. met at the Vick Reunion in Vicksburg, Mississippi 1989 gathering that had been organized by Mary Jo McCary. Richard & Gailen had the privilege of formally incorporating JVFOA in the State of North Carolina in 1990. Gailen served as President of JVFOA in 1993 and most recently from 2012 to present. His love for the history and heritage of the Vick family has driven him to promote the JVFOA Genealogical Society around the world.
       11:30 AM

    Key Note Speaker: John D. Beatty "A Look at the New Vick Book”, a reference librarian in The Genealogy Center. He is a Board-certified genealogist, an author of sixteen books on local and family history, he served as principal editor for volume one of a two-volume History of Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana. He has conducted original research on families from colonial New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland & Virginia. He serves as archivist for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana.

       Saturday, September 24th, 2022   

       1 PM
    james-larry-vick.jpg (100×114)

    Presentation by James Larry Vick - Subject; "Using Our DNA to Build a More Inclusive Family Association and a More Comprehensive Family Tree & History."Larry is the treasurer-registrar of the Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County and the  Society’s past librarian. He is a director of the Joseph Vick Family of America and is the Association’s newsletter editor. Additionally, Larry is the administrator of the VICK and Allied Families DNA Project, and was one of six 23andMe Ancestry Ambassadors. Larry retired from the US Air Force as a full bird colonel and his last assignment was supporting Vice President AL Gore.
       3 PM
    Round Table Discussion - Meet the experts, James Larry Vick, John D Beatty & Robin Yaklin

       5 PM
    Open Discussion for all attendees to ask & receive answers to you family history questions

    JVFOA Annual Meeting via Zoom
    Time: September 24, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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    Meeting ID: 881 8762 0022

25 September - Sunday

  1. Sunday Services (attend you local Church)
  2. 11 AM Family Networking

Event Coordinator; Lori Vick Milsap and Shadwrick Vick since this is his home town

Each session is up to 1 hour with questions to follow via text chat Zoom.com

At these annual meetings JVFOA members and the community are educated in classes on genealogy, family research and DNA testing. Members receive the JVFOA quarterly newsletters as their main source of sharing information., 


Mrs. Lori Vick Millsap, 

Events Coordinator, contact her at our JVFOA Facebook page

Family Gathering

It is exciting to gather each year at another location of historical importance for the Joseph Vick Family of America. But again this year, because of Covid-19 we will gather around our computers & cell phones to share & ask questions of each other.