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The Conference will be held at The Colonial Williamsburg Conference Center

We broadcast Video & Audio live. You may join via meetings for those that can't attend in person, 
Jun 23, 2023 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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June 23-24, 2023 - See below for more details

2023 Annual Meeting - Williamsburg, Virginia

Event Coordinator is Gailen Vick, with the Host being Joe Vick since this is his home town.

Friday, June 23

1:00 PM

Welcome JVFOA President - Solutions & Apps. Connect with relatives that are working on the same family lines. Gailen10, Sidney Calvin9, John Shadrack8, Arthur Robert7, Shadrack Rivers6, Arthur5, Shadrach4, Athur3, Richard2, Joseph1.

2:00 PM


Presentation on the new www, - how to make it rock solid for tracking your family tree

3:00 PM

Author John D. Beatty Book Signing

3:30 PM

John D. Beatty "What drove me to writing a new book to replace the original 2003 Volume Vick book”, a reference librarian in The Genealogy Center. He is a Board-certified genealogist, an author of sixteen books on local and family history, he served as principal editor for volume one of a two-volume History of Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana. He has conducted original research on families from colonial New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland & Virginia. He serves as archivist for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana.

5:30 PM

Larry Vick: DNA Research, From Science to Storytelling: Using Y-DNA to Trace the Ancestral and Descendants’ Lines of Joseph Vick of Lower Parish, Isle of Wight Co., VA

Larry is the treasurer-registrar of the Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County and the Society’s past librarian.  He is a director of the Joseph Vick Family of America.  Additionally, Larry is the administrator of the VICK and Allied Families DNA Project, and was one of six 23andMe Ancestry Ambassadors.

6:45 PM

 Dinner Break

Dinner will be served, Dinner reservation Donation $30 per meal

7:30 PM

Dr. KT Vick subject: Colonization of Vicks in Virginia (historical perspective of Joseph's Virginia and our family's presence in the Commonwealth, as seen through the lens of social history) Have you ever wondered what life was like for our Vick ancestors, living in Colonial Virginia? Life was challenging and each day posed many obstacles that we contemporary Americans may take for granted. From those first days when Joseph Vick of Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County arrived to seek his fortune and fame in the New World, until the colonization of Virginia finally gained a stronghold, there are many stories to share and opportunities to learn how our ancestors lived and prospered.

Saturday, June 24

8:30 AM

Welcome Gailen Vick – Board of Directors meeting 

Elections of Officers

Annual Report

10:30 AM

Presentation by Michael Mayfield Vick - Subject; Take care of your ancestors from birth to burial. Hear what you can do to locate cemeteries and provide markers. With newly discovered letters, pictures and documents resulting in a Vick gravestone 160 years past due.

Michael has lived in Texas his all his life. Univ. of Texas grad with 2 degrees & a Certified Public Account certificate. His career was spent in management consulting & as a Real Estate Developer. Michael is a real history buff & enjoys both Texas and Family history. He has the distinguished pleasure of knowing that his family attended the 1st Joseph Vick Family Reunion in Mississippi that was organized by Sam Vick in 1972. Michael's father, brother & Sister attended and returned home to tell the amazing stories of the Vick Family. Michael was one of the early participants in the Vick DNA Project. Retired, Michael & Gretchen his wife enjoy time with family.

11:30 AM