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Consider these Local Attractions during your visit

2023 Annual Meeting - Williamsburg, Virginia

June 23-25th, 2023

23 June - Friday afternoon    (free time at the local Court House & Library)

  1. 1-3 PM Workshop (How to Understand & Use DNA Research, presenter Mr. James Larry Vick)
  2. 3-5 PM Workshop (Set up your own Relative Finder, presenter Mr. Gailen Vick)
  3. 4-5 pm check-in for meeting 
  4. Annual dinner
  5. Speaker

24 June - Saturday -

  1. 7- 9 AM Breakfast
  2.  9 AM Annual Board Meeting
  3. 10 AM Annual Meeting & Board Elections
  4. Noon Buffet lunch
  5. 1 PM DNA Research, Data Base Project & Presentations
  6. Dinner
  7. Speaker: 

25 June - Sunday

  1. Sunday Services (attend you local Church)
  2. 11 AM Family Networking

Event Coordinator; Lori Vick Millsap and the Host is Joe Vick since this is his home town

Saturday June 24 - 1 PM Speaker: DNA Research, Presentation by Larry Vick; A discussion on our match with ABLETT & Vick family lines. Detail information on the Y Full for our ABLETT match. Explanation on the facts that the Ablett's only had 12 of the 14 changes Joseph1 had. Larry will give background information in the presentation about the Y chromosome that will help all in the attendees understand what we have learned so far. 

Larry is the treasurer-registrar of the Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County and the Society’s past librarian.  He is a director of the Joseph Vick Family of America.  Additionally, Larry is the administrator of the VICK and Allied Families DNA Project, and was one of six 23andMe Ancestry Ambassadors.  

Saturday, June 24 at 3:30 PM Speaker: Bruce Turner was born in Southampton County, VA in the town of Drewyville.  Both his mother and father were born, raised, and educated in Southampton County as well.  Bruce spent most of his childhood living in Southampton County whereby he received an abundance of information on the Nat Turner legend from Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles. The history and background of Nat Turner from the prospective of Bruce L. Turner (Great-great-great grandson of Nat Turner) lecturer and oral historian. “The fact that a person comes to hear me speak means they have some interest in the topic,” Turner said. “My satisfaction comes from talking about who my grandfather was, as a man. Only three days of Nat Turner’s life were involved in the insurrection. He was extremely intelligent. He was a preacher. He had a family. He had deep convictions.”

   5:30 PM

John D. Beatty "What drove me to writing a new book to replace the original 2003 Volume Vick book”, a reference librarian in The Genealogy Center. He is a Board-certified genealogist, an author of sixteen books on local and family history, he served as principal editor for volume one of a two-volume History of Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana. He has conducted original research on families from colonial New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland & Virginia. He serves as archivist for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana.