Dallas, Texas     JUNE 26-27, 2020

Every year Vick's from all over the world and members of the Joseph Vick Family of America organization get together to educate one another on DNA & Family Research and enjoy each others company. The extended family meets each year at a location identified with the Vick family; Vicksburg, Mississippi & Isle of Wright, Virginia, but we have had annual meetings in the past at the following locations; Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Paducah, Kentucky, Salado, Texas & Fort Wayne, Indiana.

We will be meeting in Dallas, Texas for 2020. At these annual meetings JVFOA members and the community are educated in classes on family genealogy, family research and DNA testing. Members receive the JVFOA quarterly newsletters as their main source of sharing information., 

Mrs. Lori Vick Millsap, Events Coordinator - 750 Dalrymple Rd, NE Unit M-5

Atlanta, GA 30328
Tel. 251.533.8639

Lori can be contacted at the following email, lorivickm@gmail.com

Event Coordinator; Lori Vick Millsap

Family Gathering

It is exciting to gather each year at another location of historical importance for the Joseph Vick Family of America.