Terri Vick Winham's Bio

Terri was born & raised in Cape Girardeau, MO. Cape Girardeau is a medium sized University town on the Mississippi River, about 1/2 way between St Louis, MO and Memphis, TN. Terri has 1 brother, Gary who is married to Stephanie, and they live in Idaho Falls, ID.  Terri's father, Billy L. La Bruyere worked for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers on  Dredge Boats, keeping the channels clear on the Mississippi River.  Terri's mother, Margaret Sue Vick La Bruyere worked as a Elementary School Teacher.

While growing up Terri and her siblings had the good fortune of spending many days, with their grandparents on the family farm, just across the Mississippi River near Mc Clure, IL.  Many of Terri's memories are of spending time bringing in the cattle with Grandpa Russell Caldwell Vick, and Little Grandpa (Great Grandpa) Joseph Henry Vick.  Then spending many an afternoon learning to cook with Grandma Lucille Vick, and Granny (Great Grandma) Susie Caldwell Vick. 

After 2 years of college at Southeast MO State University, Terri got married to Bryan Kyle Loy.  In 1987 they had a son Kyle Vick Loy.  Four years later Bryan and Terri were divorced. 

Most of Terri's adult life has been spent working in the Security Field, for retail chains.  This also includes working as a 911 Dispatcher for the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Office.  Terri remarried in April of 2004, to William L Winham.  Terri became a step-mother to 3 boys and a grandmother to 4 beautiful children.  Terri's husband Bill is a Pharmacists at Express Scripts. Terri currently works at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, as a Quality Specialist Auditor.