Every year individuals from all over the world attend the Joseph Vick Family of America Genealogical Society. We listen to speakers, give presentations to educate the society on roots research and how to use all the modern tools that are at our finger tips (DNA). In the past we have gathered together to meet at a different location identified with the Vick family; Vicksburg, Mississippi & Isle of Wight, Virginia, but we have had annual meetings in the past at the following locations; Cape Girardeau, Kansas City, Paducah KY, Salado TX, Salt Lake City & Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2020 we launched broadcasting our meetings on Zoom.com so that everyone is able to be educated on our history.

We broadcast Video & Audio live. You may join via Zoom.com meetings for those that can't attend in person, 

Meeting ID: 838 6871 0795 Invite Link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83868710795

June 23-25, 2023 - Williamsburg, Virginia Please register - The 2023 conference sessions will be held in the Azalea Room, at the conference center located next to the Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel.

Safety is always an important factor in our events, especially our annual meeting logistics. You should know that COVID-19 is one of our many concerns that we are constantly monitoring for face-to-face meetings.

So make sure that you are registered, that way when we send you the Broadcast link on Zoom.com you will be able to remain online during the scheduled speakers.

See the details of our schedule by clicking on our 2022 event

Agenda; We are in the final stages of planning our Annual Conference for 2023, So this is only a DRAFT

Each session is up to 1 hour with questions to follow via text chat Zoom.com

At these annual meetings JVFOA members and the community are educated in classes on genealogy, family research and DNA testing. Members receive the JVFOA quarterly newsletters as their main source of sharing information., 


Family Gathering

It is exciting to gather each year at another location of historical importance for the Joseph Vick Family of America.