Vick and Allied Families DNA Project, 23andME

About UsPrehistory personalized.

  • 23andMe has created a unique way of tracing your ancestry and finding cousins.

Scientific precision and detail.

  • 23andMe pinpoints your maternal and paternal* lineage using more of your DNA than other services.
  • More detail about your maternal and paternal* ancestry than other services.
  • Genotyping of more than 50 ethnic groups worldwide in order to compare with the most diverse population possible.
  • A growing database makes 23andMe's ancestry tools more powerful over time.

More ways to connect with your past.

  • Trace your maternal line using mitochondrial DNA.
  • Trace your paternal* line via the Y chromosome.
  • Identify the region or regions where the majority of your ancestors likely originated using Global Similarity.
    • Basic View: find which world subpopulation your DNA is most similar to.
    • Advanced View: see yourself, your family, and your friends placed onto a map of genetic similarity, allowing the highest-resolution view into your ancestry.
  • Use unique Ancestry Painting feature to see the continental origins of each DNA segment in your genome.
  • Search for evidence of Native American ancestry in your genome using 23andMe's Native American Ancestry Finder.