As of April 2022

The JVFOA Board of Directors meets together quarterly & at the annual reunion each year via ZOOM/teleconference.   

1. Mr. Gailen Vick206.jpg

President & Director
office; 441 W. Main St., Suite D
Lehi, UT 84043 

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Gailen10, Sidney Calvin9, John Shadrack8, Arthur Robert7, Shadrack Rivers6, Arthur5, Shadrach4, Arthur3, Richard2, Joseph1

2. Mr. James Larry Vick206.jpg

First Vice President, Blog Coordinator, DNA Project Coordinator, & Director

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James Larry10, James Ralph9, Robert Emory8, Edward Elmo7, Jacob Mercer6, Stephen5, Jacob4, Isaac3, William2, Joseph1

3. Mr. Jerry Thomas Vick

Chaplain of Aging Loved Ones & Director

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Jerry Thomas10, Ernest Robert9, Thomas Roe Bartis8, Nathan Grimsley7, Robratis6, Nathan5, Nathan4, Nathan3, Robert2, Joseph1

4. Mr. Roger McGrew

Treasurer & Director-June 2022

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Roger McGrew10, Laverne Skelton9, Emily Vick Skelton8, William Henry7, Shadrack Rivers6, Arthur5, Shadrack4, Arthur3, Richard2, Joseph1

5. Mrs. Lori Vick Millsap

Events Coordinator & Director

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Lori Vick Millsap10, Shirley Lee, Jr.9, Shirley Lee8, Joseph Augustus7, John Ellis William6, William5, Joshua4, William3, Richard2, Joseph1

6. Mr. O. Richard Wright Esq.

Legal Counsel & Director

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7. Mr. John Beatty

Historian & Director

9. Mr. Michael Mayfield Vick206.jpg

2nd Vice President & Director

Michael11, Kyle10, Kyle9, Farquhar "Pat" Tamlin8, Peter Tamlin7, John Lewis6, Howell5, Howell4, John3, John2, Joseph1


8. Mr. Gailen Vick

Secretary & Director

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Gailen10, Sidney Calvin9, John Shadrick8, Arthur Robert7, Shadrack Rivers6, Arthur5, Shadrick4,Arthru3, Richard2, Joseph1

10. Shadwrick Joseph Vick