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The Vick Genealogy Book Donation to The Dallas Public Library

I attended the Dallas Genealogical Society (DGS) monthly meeting Saturday, February 4.  The speaker was Ari Wilkins who spoke on “Black and White Families in Southern Plantation Records.”  I spoke with Ari before the meeting and she told me she had Vicks ancestors.  During her talk, she mentioned a slave named Freeman Clark whom she descended from.  Freeman got his name from Wesley Clark, a large plantation owner from Bertie County, NC.  He also owned a plantation in Louisiana, and Freeman spent time there before the war.  Freeman’s first wife died after the war and he then married Edith Vicks.  I couldn’t find Edith Vicks in the index to John’s book.  If anyone can find a Vick family connection let me know.

I also met Patti Huff Smith, Vice President of the DGS (she is in the far right of the picture I just sent).  Patti has been studying DNA for several years now and it has become her passion.  She plans to attend the Rootstech meeting in Salt Lake city this year to learn more about DNA.  I told her about Larry and she wants to get in contact with him since she is more of a beginner.  I will send Larry her contact information.  If it’s OK with you, Larry, I will send Patti your contact information.
Patti is also a member of the Texas Genealogical Society (TGS).  TGS doesn’t review books, but they do have writing awards.  When Patti saw the quality of the Vick book, she wanted us to submit it to TGS for a possible award(  Top award is $400.  Submission deadline is September 15 with awards presented at their conference in November or December.  It’s not going to give us the publicity we are looking for, but we should probably do it anyway. 
Stephanie Bennet, the head of the Genealogy department at Dallas Public Library, was most appreciative of the book donation.  She commented that they have to rely on book donations since their budget doesn’t allow them buy everything they want.  She said people are always looking for “family” genealogy books of their ancestor's families and thanked us for the donation.  She promised me the book would include it’s dust jacket and would be encased in Mylar.  She will also post it on WorldCat.
Overall a good meeting with the genealogy community of Dallas.  The DGS photographer was also taking pictures of the donation, so I expect to see some mention of it on their website or newsletter.  Only negative, I didn’t get a lead on a review of the book.


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