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Anyone interested in knowing more about their Vick ancestry is invited to join our genealogy society. We have moved from an annual membership dues to and Annual Fundraising Campaign.

We have eliminated our annual membership dues at JVFOA! That means that everyone can gain access to all our past annual meeting videos and other historical information!!! How sweet, yes free

In our 2022 campaign we raised $40,000 to print our new book, "The Vick Genealogy": The Study of a Southern American Family in White and Black by John Beatty, CG®, we published a two-volume set.  It totals over 1,000 pages and includes photographs.  This limited first edition of 250 copies has a hard-covered saddled-stitched binding with dust covers (which has quotes from Ted Shaw, Henry Louis Gates, Jr & Elizabeth Shown Mills). There is a bio about the author, John Beatty. This two volume set was published with the highest heirloom quality available by Walsworth Printing of Missouri.  Many generations of Vick's beyond today will be able to read and enjoy this book.

We have a different fundraising campaign each year.

This year 2023, we will start raising funds towards erecting a Monolith Memorial to our first American Vick settler, Joseph Vick.

On 20 Dec 1673 Hodges Council made a gift of land as follows: "I Hodges Councill of the Lower Parish do give.... to Joseph Vick of ye said Parish, 50 acres on Beaver Dam Swamp, adjacent to Robert Lawrence... and furthermore it is agreed that if the said Joseph Vicks have any other child beside this his present daughter, going by and bearing the name of Lucy, she shall after the decease of her father enjoy the land for her and her heirs, but if the aforesaid Jos. Vicks shall have any more children by this, his present wife, sonne or daughter, neverthe less the above Lucy shall enjoy ye land, but if the said Lucy shall decease without heirs, then the said land shall fall to either brother or sister, but if the said Joseph Vicks and his daughter Lucy shall both decease without heirs, then the aforesaid shall fall unto ye said Hodges Councill and his heirs again."Signed Hodges Council. Witnesses: John Brown, Rowland Buckley, & Richard Booth. This deed was recorded on 9 March 1681/2 (IOW DB1, p.480)

Free vector graphics of Ancient

Future Joseph Vick Monolith Memorial (not to scale)


Joseph Vick Family of America, Inc., Board of Directors

Gailen Vick, Larry Vick, Shadwrick Vick, Lori Millsap

John Beatty,  Jerry Thomas Vick.  O. Richard Wright

Roger McGrew, Michael Mayfield Vick

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