Meeting of the Joseph Vick Family of America

Board of Directors

17 July 2010

Board Members Present:
John Edward Vick
James Larry Vick
Lori Vick Millsap
Laura Wikey
Gailen Vick
Shirley Anne Vick
Daniel Vick
Meeting was called to order by President John Edward Vick.
Proof of notice was given by Daniel Vick after which it was established that there was a quorum present. 
Gailen Vick offered a prayer.
There was a discussion on the future of the Joseph Vick Family of America, and various initiatives that the Association might pursue.
The floor was opened for nominations for Officers for the Board of Directors and Gailen Vick made a motion to renominate the slate of outgoing Officers to continue to serve in their respective positions.  Motion was seconded by James Larry Vick and approved by the Board.
The Board consists of:
John Edward Vick, President
Gailen Vick, 1st Vice-President
Shirley Anne Vick, 2nd Vice-President
Laura Wikey, Treasurer
Terri Winham, Assistant Treasurer
Daniel Vick, Secretary and Historian
Jerry Thomas Vick, Assistant Historian
Lori Vick Millsap, Reunion Chairman
James Larry Vick, Newsletter Editor and DNA Chairman
Pam Vick, Assistant Newsletter Editor and DNA Project
O. Richard Wright, JVFOA Legal Counsel
Shirley Anne Vick made a motion to adjourn.