27 June 2010

Special Board Meeting via Conference Call

of the

Joseph Vick Family of America

Board Members Present:
Gailen Vick
Larry Vick
Laura Wikey
O. Richard Wright
Lori Vick Millsap
Terri Winham
Shirley Anne Vick
John Edward Vick
Daniel L. Vick               
Meeting was called to order by President John Edward Vick
Proof of notice was given by Daniel Vick after which it was established that there was a quorum present.
Gailen Vick offered a prayer.
Minutes of the 18 April 2010 meeting were approved.
Prior to the reports of Officers and Committee Chairs there was a discussion of the Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City.  The Board agreed to the general agenda as outlined by President John Edward Vick.  Lori Vick Millsap updated the Board on the schedule for meals and events at the Annual Meeting.    
Reports of Officers and Committee Chairs:
Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Laura Wikey reported balance of $3,428.67 and noted the recent purchase of a bank stamp.
Newsletter Editor’s Report:
Newsletter Editor Larry Vick reported that the April newsletter would be completed next weekend, with the addition of the Annual Meeting agenda.
DNA Committee Chair’s Report:
Larry Vick reported on recent YDNA updates in John Beatty’s line.  Larry also reported on the 23 & ME project, noting the long term nature of this particular project.
Book Committe Report:
The Board briefly discussed possibilities to pursue with regards to the book committee.
With no new or unfinished business, a motion was made to adjourn by O. Richard Wright.