30 October 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the JVFOA Board of Directors

30 October 2016; minutes taken by Laura Wikey

Board Members Present:

Gailen Vick, Larry Vick, Laura Wikey, David Hammond, Lori Vick Millsap, Jerry Vick

Gailen Vick called the meeting to order.

Proof of notice was given, after which it was established that a quorum was present.

David Hammond offered a prayer.

Reports of Officers and Committee Chairs:

President’s Report:  Gailen Vick asked Lori Millsap to summarize the June meeting in Ft. Wayne.  Lori Millsap reported that we all convened in Ft. Wayne on Friday afternoon.  Dinner was catered and we conducted our business meeting after a welcome by Gailen Vick.  Bill Hartman, a lifelong resident of Ft. Wayne, spoke on Ft. Wayne history.  Following breakfast on Saturday, the board convened for a meeting that was followed by a general business meeting open to all members.  The meeting was adjourned and members moved to the genealogical library for presentations by Larry Vick and Gailen Vick.  Boxed lunches were served at the library.  Dinner was at The Rib Room where John Beatty, co-author of the Joseph Vick book, spoke.  Everyone went their separate ways on Sunday morning.  Gailen Vick reported that David Hammond would have the June meeting minutes transcribed and sent to the board for approval within the next week.  David Hammond will need two sets of minutes – one for the board meeting and one for the annual meeting. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Laura Wikey reported that the bank balance is currently $9634.47.  Gailen Vick had requested that Laura Wikey keep track of the Vick books available for sale.  There are currently 310.  Laura Wikey reported that there were 28 in attendance at the annual meeting including two by phone.  Laura Wikey  also reported that she had started an email regarding credit cards and a possible dues increase.  Laura Wikey said she had not signed up with a credit card company yet because she wanted to get approval from the board first.  The transaction fee would be 3% maximum.  This leaves approximately $19 to go into the bank.  Laura Wikey mentioned she is looking at a credit card processing company that has no fees other than the transaction fee.  Laura Wikey is looking for a vote or additional input from the board.  If approved, Laura Wikey will sign up and speak with Shad Vick about getting the information on the JVFOA website for online membership  and book sales.  Gailen Vick asked for discussion from the board on this subject.  David Hammond mentioned that 3% with no fees was a good deal.  Lori Millsap agreed that it was a good proposal.  Lori Millsap suggested raising the dues to $21 to cover some of the fees.  Larry Vick proposed that the dues should be covering the newsletters that we send to libraries and people who get printed copies.  However, many libraries are now accepting electronic publications.  Larry Vick suggested that to cut our costs and not raise dues for members that receive the newsletter electronically, we should send the newsletter to the libraries in a pdf format.  Larry Vick also suggested raising dues on printed newsletter recipients and not electronic recipients.  The average member is only getting the newsletters and not attending events.  It does not make sense to raise dues on electronic recipients when they are not getting anything more in return.  David Hammond suggested that instead of raising dues across the board, have a surcharge for printed newsletter recipients.  Larry Vick suggested that we should first notify the institutions that the newsletter will only be provided in electronic form.  We need to reduce costs so that we do not have to raise dues and then, if Laura Wikey reports we are not covering our expenses, charge printed copy recipients $25 per year or whatever it takes to cover costs.  Larry Vick suspects that many who receive a printed copy will change to electronic copy.  Laura Wikey agreed with Larry Vick.  There are a small number of electronic newsletter recipients paying for paper newsletter recipients.  Laura Wikey agreed with raising dues across the board as costs have gone up but dues have been the same.  The board will attempt to get everyone to accept an electronic version of the newsletter and then reevaluate.  Laura Wikey suggested accepting credit cards to attract new members and possibly offset the cost the newsletter.  If it is decided that the dues will be raised, the membership application would need to be changed to reflect this including acceptance of either electronic or paper newsletter receipt, which would incur an additional amount.  Larry Vick suggested that he would send out the next newsletter electronically to institutions and send a printed copy to members who receive them only.  Laura Wikey will look at printing costs and then evaluate if we need to raise dues.  Approximately 50 printed copies are mailed but mainly to institutions.  Larry Vick is going to enclose a letter to the newsletters going to institutions asking for an email address, which he will add to the distribution list. 

Gailen Vick requested that a proposal be voted on by the board in favor of Laura Wikey proceeding and working with Shad Vick on the acceptance of credit cards to increase membership and to initiate electronic newsletter delivery.   As publisher, Gailen Vick will print and mail the newsletter to any noninstitutional members on request.  Laura Wikey requested that Gailen Vick submit receipts and keep track of expenses in this endeavor.  Gailen Vick reported the cost would be minimal to none.  Laura Wikey proposed following Larry Vick’s recommendation of sending the newsletter out electronically and having the printer mail one more batch of newsletters to check the cost and then make a final decision at the April board meeting.  Larry Vick reported that 20 members receive printed copies of the newsletter.  Gailen Vick will contact those members and Larry Vick will contact the institutions.  Gailen Vick requests a second for approval to let Laura Wikey make the necessary changes.  Larry Vick seconded.   David Hammond moved that we include credit card information on the JVFOA website.  Gailen Vick suggested that information be changed to credit card registration.  Larry Vick added not only registration but sales of the book also.  Gailen Vick added that we also have the CDs and hard copies of past newsletters can also be sold.   David Hammond suggested that the board vote on two items.  Larry Vick asked Laura Wikey if she would accept a mailed registration with credit card information or just on the website?  Laura Wikey replied that she would accept one in the mail but had concerns about lost mail.  Laura Wikey will be able to take credit card payments at the annual meeting.  Laura Wikey prefers to do credit card payments through the website for safety reasons.  Gailen Vick commented that we should never take a credit card number – just a liability issue on our part.  Most merchant accounts are set up so we can only see the last four digits.  Shad Vick can work with Laura Wikey to make that happen.  Square-type products where we can swipe credit cards at events and not see the number protects our liability.  Laura Wikey agreed and reported she was planning to sign up with Square.  Laura Wikey will work towards credit card acceptance on the JVFOA website and in person at the annual meeting.  Most credit card holders have internet access and no real reason to mail credit card information.  

The board voted on the proposal for Laura Wikey to proceed with setting up credit card payment acceptance.  Modification was seconded by Larry Vick.  The motion passed unanimously.  The second proposal was for electronic publication of the newsletter effective January 2017.  The motion passed.  Gailen Vick and Larry Vick will handle this and Gailen Vick will report back at the next meeting how many copies will need to be mailed.  Larry Vick will contact the institutions. 


Newsletter Editor’s Report:  Laura Wikey reminded Larry Vick that a newsletter was due.   Larry Vick will try to get it out to Gailen Vick by next weekend.  Laura Wikey asked if the July and October newsletters would go out together.  Larry Vick will send out the July newsletter within the week with the October  newsletter going out in about a month. 

DNA Committee Report:  Larry Vick reported that the only change since the annual meeting is that Jerry Vick purchased the DNA kit at the annual meeting silent auction.  Jerry Vick sent it in and received his results that show he has a very firm match with the other Vick descendants. 

Event Coordinator’s Report:  Lori Millsap spoke with Joe Vick regarding the Hampton Inn.  Lori will make the arrangements this week.  KT Vick and his cousin Frank Vick have committed to doing a presentation for us on Friday night.  Lori Millsap is working on finding a keynote speaker for Saturday.  Lori Millsap welcomes suggestions.  Lori Millsap is looking at the Hampton Inn in Suffolk, approximately 15-20 minutes outside the Franklin area.  We can still use the Sebrell Civic Club that Joe Vick arranged last time.  Gailen Vick will update the JVFOA website with changes sent in by Lori Millsap.  Larry Vick reminded Lori Millsap that Rick Francis, Clerk of the Court, who had given a presentation at the last Virginia reunion, mentioned he would be willing to lead a bus tour of the Nat Turner Insurrection sites.  Lori Millsap mentioned that her first Virginia reunion included an organized hayride through previous Vick property now owned by International Paper.  Lori Millsap will attempt to contact Rick Francis and Joe Vick.  Joe Vick has offered the use of Vick’s Beach and invited us to his mother’s family reunion at Vick’s Beach on Sunday.  We can let our members know this is an option if they plan to stay in the area.  Gailen Vick asked that if Lori Millsap was able to book Rick Francis that she connect Rick Francis and Larry Vick so that Rick Francis can highlight Vick ancestors who died in the Nat Turner Insurrection.  Larry Vick reported that Rick Francis was very well versed in the Vicks impacted by the rebellion.  Larry Vick also recommended Ray Vick and Michael Mayfield Vick for a short presentation on the mapping on where they think Joseph Vick’s patents were and how they believe they’ve figured out where the land actually was.  Lori Millsap will attempt to contact Ray Vick and Michael Mayfield Vick.  Larry Vick reported they previously wanted to do an archaeological survey to see if they could find evidence of where the house was.  Gailen Vick reminded Lori Millsap to make sure that workshops were planned to keep in line with our format of getting to 501(c)(3) status.  Gailen Vick would like Larry Vick to do an early Friday DNA workshop that needs to be open to the public.  Gailen Vick will do a connections of relatives workshop.  Suggestions for workshops open to all are welcome.  Lori Millsap will work on finding an affordable hotel this week.  Lori Millsap will also send Gailen Vick a synopsis of the annual meeting agenda and one to Larry Vick for the newsletter.  Gailen Vick asked if thank you letters had been sent out.  Lori Millsap said they had with copies to Gailen Vick and David Hammond. 

Secretary’s Report:  Gailen Vick encouraged David Hammond to get some of the letters, board meeting minutes, and annual meeting minutes posted on the JVFOA website.  The last posted minutes were dated    April 12, 2015.  Gailen Vick suggested that David Hammond work with Daniel Vick to get caught up.  Gailen Vick attempted to contact Daniel Vick earlier with no success.  Gailen Vick has updated the JVFOA Past Presidents webpage.  If there are any corrections or additions, let Gailen Vick know.  Gailen Vick would like David Hammond to help him keep the Board of Directors webpage up to date.  Gailen Vick will send David Hammond access information for the JVFOA website. 

Chaplain’s Report: Jerry Vick reported that he spoke with Billie Jurlina.

Unfinished/New Business:  Gailen Vick reiterated that we need some new enthusiasm and commitment in the JVFOA.  Gailen Vick will continue to work with Victor Vick on public relations.  Gailen Vick encouraged the board to help each other with their assignments if someone is falling behind.  Gailen Vick would like Larry Vick to reach out in the newsletter to people needing a ride to the annual meeting in Virginia.  Gailen Vick reported that he contacts members we have not heard from and encouraged the board to check on senior members we’ve met.  Gailen Vick suggested doing audio and video recordings of the Vick history of these members.  Gailen Vick will speak to Jerry Vick and Robin Yaklin about this.  Gailen Vick also mentioned that the board needs to be thorough when it comes to nominating and electing officers at the next election.  The nominees must understand their roles and responsibilities. 

With no further new or unfinished business, Lori Millsap moved to adjourn and was seconded by Larry Vick.