20 October 2013

Board of Directors Meeting

Of the Joseph Vick Family of America

Board Members Present:
Gailen Vick
Jerry Vick
Terri Winham
Larry Vick
Laura Wikey
Daniel Vick
Meeting was called to order by Gailen Vick.
Proof of notice was given after which it was established that a quorum was present.
Jerry Vick offered a prayer.
Minutes of the 22 June 2013 meeting of the JVFOA Board of Directors, and the 22 June 2013 meeting of the Joseph Vick Family of America were approved.
Reports of Officers and Committee Chairs:
Treasurer’s Report:                         
Laura Wikey reported that the bank balance was currently $7169.21.  Laura also reported that the JVFOA had a surplus of $1487.96 from revenues received at the Annual Meeting in Vicksburg.
Newsletter Editor’s Report:
Larry Vick reported that he would soon begin preparing the next newsletter, and that Pam Vick was in the process of finding a new publisher for the Newsletter.
DNA Committee Report:
Larry Vick reported that Daniel Vick had joined the YDNA project and also reported that a man with the surname “Barnes” recently matched the Vick line.  Larry also noted that a man from the Isle of Man, England had matched the Vick line when tested on 12 markers, but did not match when tested at 37 markers. 
Publisher’s Report:
In Pam Vick’s absence, Gailen Vick spoke on a letter from Pam Vick regarding the need for a backup system for the database.  After discussing Pam’s proposal, Larry Vick moved to approve the purchase of a backup system and was seconded by Jerry Vick, and all members approved.
Public Relations Committee Report:
Terri Winham reported that she has sent a news release about next year’s Annual Meeting to the proper media outlets in Waco, Texas, and that the release will run in January and then later in the year- prior to the Annual Meeting.  Terri also noted that she has been working with a local television station in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on the Annual Meeting in that city.
Unfinished/New Business:
It was noted that the next Board of Directors Meeting will be on January 19th, 2014 at the regular time.  With no further new or unfinished business, Daniel Vick moved to adjourn and was seconded by Larry Vick.