October 18, 2009 - Planned Agenda

1. Call to order by John Edward Vick, President
2. Proof of notice (Gailen)
3. Role call to determine presence of Quorum
4. Opening prayer --
5. Approval of Minutes of July 18, 2009 Board Meeting (Vicksburg, MS)
6. Reports of Officers and Committee Chairs
    A. Treasurer Report -- Laura Wikey
          I.  Yearly Dues -- There has been a suggestion that we change the process for yearly dues to a specific date and transition our members to this one date.  This should greatly simplify when dues expire and are due
    B. Newsletter Editor -- James Larry Vick
          I.  Newsletter CD -- The Newsletter CD is still planned and should be completed this fall, which will include up through Volume      21 (this year's Newsletter).  We need a "Strawman Plan" on how to produce, what to charge, how to distribute, who to distribute to, etc.  I have asked Pam Vick to develop a Strawman Plan, and the rest of us being all-knowing directors can modify it as required.  Pam has been working on this but she may or may not be available for the meeting Sunday-- it depends upon her travel.  But if she is available, I would like this to be provided under the 6B Information in the Agenda.
    C. Y-DNA & 23andME Update -- James Larry Vick
    D. Book Committee - 
    E. Reunion Committee -- Lori Vick Millsap
          I.  Another suggestion has been made that we stop referring to the "reunion," and start referring to our meeting as the "Annual JVFOA Meeting."  This may be of benefit in the future with the IRS.  We are actually more than a "reunion."  We do lots of things outside of what would normally be considered just going to a reunion --- DNA, Newsletters, research, etc.
         Salt Lake City Reunion, July 16-18, 2010
           II. Hotel - Proposed - Red Lion Hotel Downtown
              161 West 600 South, Salt Lake City, UT 8 4101
              Tel: 801-521-7373,Fax: 801-524-0354, E-mail: saltlakesales@redlion.com
           III.Suggestions for event
               a. Family History Center
               b. Temple Square Museums
               c. Mormon Tabernacle Choir
               d. Humanitarian Center
               e. temple Square Concert Series
               f.  Annual meeting at Salt Lake City --  John received numerous suggestions for our next annual meeting.  In the October 2009 Newsletter, John will write a small article suggesting that people come to SLC for more than just the JVFOA annual meeting.  John & his wife went there on a vacation/genealogy search, and he can assure you it is easy to spend a week in the SLC area, see the Great Salt Lake itself, the Mormon Tabernacle and its choir,  museums, and also do genealogy!  The following indicate some suggestions received:  

                    1.  Have the program and agenda in the January and April Newsletters.  
                    2.  Assist people who want to do genealogy research a few days before and after the meeting.  
                    3.  Recommend that at least 1-1/2 hour be set aside for the Board meeting and 1-1/2 hour for the annual meeting.  
                    4.  Continue to provide genealogy workshops similar to what was done in Vicksburg.  
                    5.  Set up a registration table with information available (Pam and Austin Vick have volunteered to support this effort).  
                    6.  Make provisions available to collect dues (this may depend upon how the dues are handled by Laura).
                    7.  Have our CDs available.
                    8.  Have members bring items to have an auction, silent or otherwise.
                    9. Assign someone to take pictures of members as they arrive
     F. Historial Update -- Daniel Vick
     G. President Message & Notes - John Edward Vick
             I.  This next item is one which I really do not want to address, but if we are going to have the Joseph Vick Family of America organization, we have to do something to get a database that is available to Larry and other members who need it.  Hundreds of people gave information to the JVFOA, and when I gave information to the organization, I never realized that it might not be available to be used as required.  Be prepared to discuss this problem in the New Business category.
7. Unfinished Business
8. New Business
9. Adjournment