2014 June Board Meeting

Meeting of the JVFOA of Directors

21 June 2014

JVFOA Annual Meeting, Waco, Texas 

Board Members Present:
Gailen Vick
Larry Vick
Pam Vick
Laura Wikey
Jerry Vick
Lori Vick Milsap (via Webex)
Daniel Vick
Guests Present:
David Hammond
Sheldon Jones
Austin Vick
Libby Davis
Gailen Vick called the meeting to order.
Proof of notice was given, after which it was established that a quorum was present.
Jerry Vick offered a prayer.
Minutes of the 19 January 2014 meeting were approved.

Reports of Officers and Committee Chairs:

Treasurer's Report:

Laura Wikey reported that the bank balance as of June 16, 2014 was $7,985.25.  Laura also presented the Board a year end cash flow statement.

Newsletter Editor's Report:

Larry Vick reported that the next edition of the newsletter would be ready within the next month.  Larry noted that there had been a shortage of material for the newsletters recently and Pam Vick suggested that Board Members commit to supplying at least one article per year. 

DNA Committee Chair Report:

After a discussion on the “Big Y” testing that Larry had discussed on Friday evening, Pam Vick made a motion allowing the Board to authorize a scholarship for a member to be tested.  It was agreed that Larry would select a candidate.  Gailen Vick seconded the motion and all approved.

Publisher's Report:

Pam Vick noted that she had chosen to remain with our current publishers for the newsletters.  Pam also updated the Board on sales and donations of the newsletter CD.  The Board also discussed making the content of the CDs available for download from the JVFOA website.

Events Report:

Terri Winham reported via e-mail on the Cape Girardieu Annual Meeting for 2015.  It was noted that the Drury Lodge had been reserved and that Terri was working on promoting the Annual Meeting locally.

With no further new of unfinished business, Laura Wikey moved to adjourn and was seconded by Daniel Vick; all approved.