2015 April 12 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the JVFOA

Board of Directors

12 April 2015

Board Members Present: 

Gailen Vick
Jerry Vick
Terri Winham
Lori Vick Millsap
Laura Wikey
Robin Yaklin
Shad Vick

Gailen Vick called the meeting to order.

Proof of notice was given, after which it was established that a quorum was present.

Jerry Vick offered a prayer.

Lori Vick Millsap made a motion to approve the minutes from the 4 January 2015 meeting, Jerry Vick seconded, and all approved.

Reports of Officers and Committee Chairs:

Treasurer's Report: Laura Wikey reported that the bank balance currently stood at $7,472.51.  Laura also noted that one Joseph Vick book had been sold since January, and that she had received one pre-registration form for the Annual Meeting in June.

Annual Meeting Report:  Lori Vick Millsap reported that the meals were organized for the Annual Meeting, and the Sue LaBruyere was coordinating the bus tour.  Lori noted the Meeting would follow the usual format.

Newsletter Editors Report: Gailen Vick reported that two newsletters had gone out since the last board meeting, and that the January edition should be out prior to the Annual Meeting.

DNA Committee Chair Report: Gailen Vick reported that Larry Vick had noted that he had received updated DNA information that could be available at the Annual Meeting.

Public Relations Committee Chair Report: Terri Winham reported that she had sent out PR materials on the Annual Meeting, and had heard back from a local channel in Cape Girardieu that was interested in doing a story on the meeting.  Terri also noted that she did not have any response from national media outlets.

Outreach:  Jerry Vick reported that he had visited with Billie Jurlina and received contact information for her children.  Jerry also visited with Mary Vick Graves and received updated contact information for her. 

Unfinished/New Business:  The Board discussed the resignation of Daniel Vick, (upon the expiration of his term in June), and Gailen encouraged the Board to consider potential candidates for the position of Secretary.  With no further new or unfinished business, Jerry Vick made a motion to adjourn and was seconded by Robin Yaklin.