17 April 2011

Board Meeting via Conference Call

of the

Joseph Vick Family of America

Board Members Present:
Pam Vick
Lori Vick Millsap
John Edward Vick
Larry Vick
Gailen Vick
Laura Wikey
O. Richard Wright
Jerry Vick
Daniel Vick
Meeting was called to order by President John Edward Vick.
Proof of notice was given after which it was established that a quorum was present.
Gailen Vick offered a prayer.
Minutes of the 16 January 2011 Meeting were approved.
Reports of Officers and Committee Chairs:
Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Laura Wikey reported that the current bank balance for the JVFOA stands at $3,856.92.  The Board discussed various methods of notifying members of when dues should be paid. 
Newsletter Editor’s Report:
Newsletter Editor Larry Vick reported that the October (2010) newsletter is at the publisher and will be distributed shortly.  The January newsletter should be out in the next three weeks and the April newsletter will be out prior to the reunion.  It was also agreed that a brief article on some of the events to be held at the Annual Meeting should appear as soon as possible in the newsletter.
DNA Committee Chair’s Report:
Larry Vick reported that the Family Tree DNA test has upgraded to 111 markers, which could reveal new insights into some of the Vick family lines.  Larry also commented on the potential possibilities of deep DNA testing and the 23 and ME project.  Larry agreed to give an update on DNA testing at the Annual Meeting in Virginia.
Database Committee:
Pam Vick led a discussion of possibilities for the Database Committee.  She noted the need to put an article in the newsletter about the Database Committee.  Shad Vick joined the discussion and agreed to help with the maintenance of database information on the JVFOA website.  The board agreed to discuss the matter further during the May Meeting and Shad agreed to join in on the discussion at that time.  There was also a discussion about Vick genealogy books that should be acquired.
Reunion Committee:
Lori Vick Millsap gave the Board an update on the general schedule for the Annual Meeting and noted that most of the particular details would be nailed down in the next few weeks.  Lori also reminded Board members to bring something along for a silent auction.
CD Status Report:
Pam reported that there had been no new orders since the last update and she agreed to bring copies of the CD to the Annual Meeting.
Unfinished/New Business:
John Edward Vick updated us on the status of Emeritus Director James Perrin.  The letter notifying Mr. Perrin of his status has been written and a commemorative plaque and copy of the CD will be sent to him from Virginia.  Gailen Vick updated the Board on the ongoing indexing project by the LDS Church.  With no further unfinished or new business, Lori Vick Millsap moved to adjourn and was seconded by Pam Vick.