July 17, 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes

Notes from our President, we are still awaiting the final minutes from Shirley Anne Vick and Daniel L. Vick.

I would just like to say thanks to everybody for your participation in the meeting in Vicksburg, and especially to those new Directors who agreed to step up and help improve our organization. 

The Board was to send four letters to congratulate our members who are being granted a lifetime membership in the JVFOA.  This will give our membership insight on past history of particular members, and I believe a copy of these letters should become a permanent record of the JVFOA.

The Directors of our organization should have access to the Articles of Incorporation as well as the By-Laws.  These should be posted for all to see. These Articles were obtained from the North Carolina Archives, and they are the official record and also the Articles of Incorporation look like if the Amendment is incorporated into the Articles.  While this is not an official version, it should give you a quick look at the Articles without your having to cut and paste paragraphs. 

New By-Laws were approved at our Vicksburg meeting that effect the day-to-day operations of our organization.  The following list indicates the changes that have recently been approved;

1.  An official meeting of the Board requires the presence of at least four Directors. 

2.  Changes in the By-Laws allow elections for half of the Board every year for two-year terms, instead of reelecting eleven new Directors each year. 

3.  The By-Laws now recognize an official Emeritus program.

4.  Additional officers of the corporation are now recognized and identified, however, the use of these offices is optional. 

5.  Directors have the authority to modify the Articles of Incorporation; however, any changes, as required today, must continue to be sent to the State of North Carolina for approval. 

6.  Directors determine that any membership is not in the best interest of the JVFOA, the membership may be revoked. 

There are a couple of items I would like to see discussed at our next meeting. 

A.  A  CD is expected to be available in October with all 20 Volumes of our Newsletter, appropriate indexes, and  a short discussion indicating what information is available, as well as suggestions on how to best access the information provided.   Now, the Directors need to discuss the distribution, the cost for members, cost for non-members, free distribution to what agencies, etc.  (Advertise on websight?)

B. Instead of keeping 50+ records, why don't we select a date when our dues should be paid, and everyone would know the date.  You could put it into the Newsletter, and that way there would be no misunderstanding.  This change could be completed in one year by asking for and/or indicating the dues that are necessary to reach the yearly date.  Director's decision?  Treasurer comments?

Our next Director's meeting will probably be in October 2009.  Gailen usually sends out the directions on the telephone information. Between now and the next meeting, If you have any items you would like discussed or put on the agenda, please call or e-mail me . 

Best regards,

John Edward Vick