21 April 2013

Board Meeting via Conference Call

Of the Joseph Vick Family of America

Board Members Present:

  • Gailen Vick
  • Lori Vick Millsap
  • Jerry Vick
  • Terri Winham
  • Larry Vick
  • Terri Winham
  • Daniel Vick

Meeting was called to order by Gailen Vick.

Proof of notice was given after which it was established that a quorum was present.

Jerry Vick offered a prayer.

Minutes of the 20 January 2013 meeting of the JVFOA Board of Directors were approved.

Reports of Officers and Committee Chairs:

Treasurer’s Report:

Laura Wikey reported that the bank balance currently stands at $5,213.61. 

Newsletter Editor:

Larry Vick reported that the April newsletter was completed and that he anticipated sending it out a few weeks after the January newsletter as a final reminder of the Annual Meeting in Vicksburg.  There was a discussion of how to best address privacy issues, with regards to the publishing of genealogical information. 

DNA Committee Chair:

Lori Vick Millsap noted that a speaker was scheduled for the Meeting in Vicksburg, and that the topic would center on DNA research.  Larry Vick reported that 23&ME had donated a DNA kit for the silent auction at the Annual Meeting.

PR/Newsletter Publisher’s Report:

Gailen Vick reported that he would publish the January and April editions of the newsletter.  There was also general discussion on various ways to promote the Annual Meeting.

Technology Report:

Gailen Vick noted changes made to the JVFOA website, with regards to ordering the Joseph Vick book. 

Database/CD Report:

Larry Vick reported that Pam Vick was to visit Gayla (Vick) Stone to obtain a copy of John Edward Vick’s database. 

Annual Meeting Report:

Lori Vick Millsap reported that the plans for the Annual Meeting were in place and that the cost for the Meeting would be $65 per person. 

President’s Minute:

Gailen Vick expressed his thanks to the Board for their ongoing efforts.

Unfinished/New Business:

Daniel Vick updated the Board on the progress of the list of past Presidents.  The Board decided to meet via telephone/web conference on June 2nd.  With no further new or unfinished business, Larry Vick made a motion to adjourn and was seconded by Lori Vick Millsap.