19 January 2014

Board of Directors Meeting

Of the Joseph Vick Family of America


Board Members Present:
Jerry Vick
Gailen Vick
O. Richard Wright
Laura Wikey
Pam Vick
Daniel Vick
Meeting was called to order by Gailen Vick.
Proof of notice was given after which it was established that a quorum was present.
O. Richard Wright offered a prayer.
Minutes of the 20 October 2013 meeting were approved.
Reports of Officers and Committee Chairs:
Treasurer's Report:
Laura Wikey reported that the bank balance currently stood at $7,507.33.
Newsletter Editor's Report:
In Larry Vick's absence, Pam Vick reported that Larry planned to get four newsletters out prior to the Annual Meeting in June.
DNA Committee Report:
Pam reported that Larry anticipated a great amount of upcoming DNA information as full sequence test results would soon become available for some members of the DNA project.
Annual Meeting Report:
In Lori Vick's absence, Laura Wikey reported that Lori anticipated Annual Meeting costs to be around $75.  Additionally, more details concerning the Waco meeting would be forthcoming.
Publisher's Report:
Pam Vick noted that she is currently obtaining quotes for the Newsletter from several publishers.
There was also a discussion on how to proceed with permission forms for those sending their genealogical information to the JVFOA.  It was agreed that Larry and Pam Vick would finalize a form and present it to the Board for approval.  Additionally, there was a discussion on whether to attempt republishing the various books on the Vick family, and if so how best to proceed.  The Board agreed that it would be worthwhile for the JVFOA to pursue republishing the various books after meeting with the people who posses the copyrights.  Finally, the Board discussed how to properly store researh materials donated to the JVFOA.  It was agreed to place such materials “in the cloud” and Gailen Vick offered space for the storage of hard copy files.
Unfinished/New Business:
Pam Vick encouraged the members of the Board to work on their lineages, for eventual addition to the database.  Gailen Vick suggested that there be a list of attendees of past reunions added to the website.
Finally, it was noted that the next meeting would be 27 April 2014.  With the further unfinished or new business, the Board agreed to adjourn.