JVFOA Board Meeting

21 September 2008


The meeting was called to order by President John Edward Vick.

A Proof of Notice was given.

Roll Call showed that we had a quorum.  In attendance by  telephone were:

John Edward Vick
Gailen Vick
Mary Vick Graves
O. Richard Wright
Joseph Jurlina
Larry Vick
Jerry Vick
Shirley Anne Vick

Gailen Vick offered up a prayer.

Report of Officers and committee chairmen:

Larry Vick was complemented on the fine newsletter his committee produced.  He states that the next newsletter will come out in October.  Gailen offered to furnish soft copies of previous newsletters to Larry to prevent duplication of subject matter.

Larry Vick, in his DNA Project role, states that a possible link to Robert is being developed  and  the Scandinavian connection is being researched.

Book Committee:

It was stated that several attempts have been made to contact James Davis to try to forestall his shipping the remaining books to us.  No reply has been received to date.  The board discussed our regret that the board did not take a strong stand against a member who unjustly accused Mr. Davis of  improper behavior.  A Resolution in favor of Mr. Davis was sent to him later but we have had no response.

A Resolution was made by Gailen and seconded by Jerry that a letter should be written saying that the Board regrets that a member has defamed our good friend and member who has so generously published our beautiful book.

Resolution was passed unanimously.

50l-C3 Committee:

Mary Graves states that we are in contact with the IRS and that they seem cooperative.  The suggestion was made that we should apply as an Educational entity.  The possibility arose that should we publish another book we should be allowed to donate to certain  institutions.

A Motion was made to amend the Articles of Corporation to achieve 501 C3 status.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:25pm EDST

Shirley Anne Vick, Sec.