19 July 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the JVFOA Board of Directors


Board Members Present:

Gailen Vick, Larry Vick, Laura Wikey, Lori Vick Millsap, Robin Yaklin, David Hammond

Gailen Vick called the meeting to order. 

Proof of notice was given, after which it was established that a quorum was present. 

Lori Vick Millsap offered a prayer. 

Gailen Vick reported that he had sent out an agenda for the meeting.  An update to the agenda had been sent out this morning.  There are three items on the agenda. 

There are ten board members with the addition of David Hammond, Phil Vick, and Victor Warren Vick.          O. Richard Wright had notified the board he would not be able to attend this session.  Gailen Vick reported he had gone through the minutes of past meetings in an attempt to determine how we had set up our planning for board members.  We have had lengthy discussions regarding service on the board for two years as well as the succession process for officers.  Gailen Vick was not able to find these discussions anywhere in the minutes.  Larry Vick, Laura Wikey, and Lori Millsap were present at the meetings so discussion on this topic is based on their recollections.  Gailen Vick asked if any of the board members present remembered the details of electing board members for a couple of years with one group being elected annually.  Laura Wikey reported that she did not recall anyone being elected each year and that everyone on the board was elected for a two-year term although the terms were offset.  Gailen Vick reported that the terms of Lori Millsap, Nellie Thompson, Laura Wikey, Shad Vick, and Terri Winham were expiring.  Daniel Vick was resigning as secretary.  About half of the board members had terms expiring in 2015.  The remainder will expire in 2016.  Gailen Vick announced that we would continue to elect board members to two-year terms.  We need to get this in writing and included in our bylaws.  The JVFOA board has also historically elected officers for the coming years right after nominations from the floor.  Minutes from the June 2014 board meeting do not show the election of officers, but minutes from 2013 do.  Officers were chosen but not recorded.  Gailen Vick will go back to video/audio recordings of the meetings to find out. 

Per the minutes from 2013, the board agreed to the following officers:  President: Gailen Vick, 1st Vice President: Larry Vick, 2nd Vice President: Jerry Vick, Secretary: Daniel Vick, Treasurer: Laura Wikey, Legal Counsel: O. Richard Wright, and Public Relations: Terri Winham. 

Gailen Vick asked for nominations from board members present at this meeting for officers.  Positions that need to be filled today are President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Gailen Vick nominated Laura Wikey for Treasurer.  Larry Vick seconded.  Larry Vick nominated Gailen Vick for President.  Seconded by Lori Millsap.  Lori Millsap nominated Victor Vick for Secretary but was hesitant since Victor Vick was not present at this meeting.  Gailen Vick reported that there had been some discussion at the previous board meeting of Victor Vick doing public relations.  Gailen Vick had spoken with Victor and his wife Holly regarding that position.  It was accepted and Holly Vick will assist Victor Vick.  Gailen Vick nominated David Hammond for the position of Secretary.  Larry Vick agreed if David Hammond accepted.  David Hammond was hesitant but willing to take the position.  Gailen Vick nominated Larry Vick for 1st Vice President.  Robin Yaklin seconded.  Gailen Vick also nominated Jerry Vick for 2nd Vice President but asked if there were any other nominees as Jerry Vick had agreed to helping in any capacity but did not want to get in the way if someone else wanted to step forward.  Laura Wikey nominated Phil Vick for 2nd Vice President.  Larry Vick seconded.  Gailen Vick called for a vote for the election of the aforementioned nominees.  All votes were in favor.  There were no opposing votes.  By unanimous election, the following officers will be posted to the JVFOA website:  Gailen Vick, President; Larry Vick, 1st Vice President; Phil Vick, 2nd Vice President; Laura Wikey, Treasurer; David Hammond, Secretary. 

Gailen Vick reported that he would be handing out assignments to some officers.  Gailen Vick referenced the JVFOA webpage that not only lists the directors but also committees, of which there are currently two including the technology database committee chaired by Shad Vick and the JVFOA newsletter committee chaired by James Larry Vick, editor, and Pamela Strickland Vick, assistant editor.  Recommendations for additional committees are welcome and can be organized on the website.  Laura Wikey suggested a committee for event coordinator.  Gailen Vick announced he would assign that committee to Lori Millsap who wondered if that was an officer position.  Gailen Vick assured her that she was a director but it had been discussed at a previous board meeting that we were going to have a small group of directors who would be known as “officers,” the ones who sign the documents, etc.  All members of the board are directors.  We can make changes to this arrangement at any time.  Lori Millsap will continue as Event Coordinator/Director.  New board members (David Hammond, Phil Vick, Victor Vick) will be added to the JVFOA website director page in their respective positions.  Gailen Vick mentioned Jerry Vick, who is responsible for contacting shut-ins and gathering information for the members (including information on their children) who can no longer attend our events, for whom he would like to create a title.  Laura Wikey suggested something that included outreach.  Lori Millsap suggested philanthropy.  Gailen Vick suggested a title that would be self-explanatory.  Gailen Vick reiterated Jerry Vick’s importance in keeping in touch with former members and their children in case something happens as in the case of Joe Jurlina.  Robin Yaklin discovered that Joe Jurlina had passed and was able to pass along the information to the board in a timely manner.

Gailen Vick also wished to discuss locations for future annual meetings.  The JVFOA website had Texas listed for the 2020 meeting.  Robin Yaklin is interested in hosting that event.  Lori Millsap will work with Robin Yaklin on the details.  Dallas, Texas will be the geographical location of the 2020 annual meeting, but the final location will depend on the type of facility that is required and travel arrangements for local and out-of-town attendees.  Gailen Vick reported that annual meeting locations have been planned six years in advance.  Gailen Vick suggested Kansas City, Missouri, or Atlanta for the 2021 event.  The current website event calendar lists 2016 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, 2017 in Virginia, 2018 in Nashville, 2019 in Vicksburg, and 2020 in Dallas, Texas.  Lori Millsap would like to change Nashville.  Gailen Vick suggested Atlanta.  Lori Millsap thinks Mobile, Alabama, would be a better choice due to its size and history.  Lori Millsap suggested that Nashville was a placeholder until another location or a local host could be secured.  Hosts are available for Ft. Wayne, Franklin, Virginia (Joe Vick), and Vicksburg (Lori Millsap and Bill Longfellow).  Gailen Vick mentioned he had tried to contact Bill Longfellow over the past few months with no success.  Mobile, AL, Kansas City, and Atlanta are replacement suggestions for 2018 and a location for 2021 is needed for the website.  Lori Millsap nominated Mobile and Laura Wikey nominated Kansas City for 2018.  Gailen Vick suggested Mobile, AL, for 2021.  Lori Millsap questioned if Kansas City in 2018 was agreed upon.  Laura Wikey replied with her reason for suggesting Kansas City, which was based on the health of Jerry Vick and his ability to host the event.  Lori Millsap agreed this was reasonable but wants to confirm with Jerry Vick.  Lori Millsap asked if Jerry Vick had been asked about this, and Gailen Vick replied that he had discussed it with Jerry Vick four or five months ago.  Jerry Vick had expressed an interest in having an annual meeting in Kansas City.  Lori Millsap will reconfirm with Jerry Vick. 

Robin Yaklin reported that she had posted a Vick family tree on Family Search and asked that it be looked at and feedback given.  Gailen Vick had asked Robin Yaklin to look at Relative Finder, but she and Larry Vick were unable to get the password to work.  Robin Yaklin informed David Hammond that she was trying to produce a family tree that others could contribute to.  Resource websites include Dropbox, iCloud, G-Drive, Evernote, Relative Finder, Family Search, and Ancestry.  Robin Yaklin asked if David Hammond could call her with his opinion.  Gailen Vick reported that two people had joined the JVFOA Relative Finder group.  Larry Vick reported that the link Gailen Vick sent out would not open the website.  Gailen Vick checked the website and found a list of people who tried to sign up.  Gailen Vick will investigate how to add them to the group.  Gailen Vick thanked Robin for bringing this to his attention. 

With no new or unfinished business, Larry Vick moved to adjourn and was seconded by David Hammond.