19 APRIL 2009


Of the


Board Members present:
Gailen Vick
John Edward Vick
James Larry Vick
Mary Vick Graves
O. Richard Wright
Jerry Vick
Shirley Anne Vick
Joseph Jurlilna
Meeting was called to order by President John Edward Vick.
Proof of notice was given by Gailen Vick after which it was established that there was a quorum present.
Gailen Vick offered up a prayer.
Minutes of the 15 February 2008 meeting were approved as submitted.
FINANCIAL REPORT:  Mary Vick Graves, treasurer, informs us that she is receiving payments of dues on a semi-regular basis, indicating that the reminder in the Newsletter was effective.
501C(3) REPORT:
Mary Vick Graves reported on the status of the 501C3 application.  O. Richard Wright stated that he has received a letter from the supervisor of Mr. Telez recognizing that the application has been withdrawn.  Therefore, we will continue as we were doing.  Mr. Telez should be returning the book which was furnished to him forthwith.
NEWSLETTER:  James Larry Vick reports that the April Newsletter is completed and contains some very interesting photos and a list of new members.  New member Jennifer McSweeney is preparing an article of interest.  Pam Vick is also writing an article.
This issue will contain Addenda and Correction segments related to the book.  Also, a section for the newsletter.
Gailen Vick proposes an electronic mailing to prospective members which will contain information which is incomplete or hidden so as to elicit interest in joining the organization and receiving the complete text.
The proposal was approved by the board.
DNA REPORT:  James Larry Vick states that interesting changes occur in the Robert II line which is being researched.
BY-LAW CHANGES:  Pres. John Edward Vick reminds us that some changes were suggested in Salado.  He will bring everything related to those to the meeting in Vicksburg. John Edward Vick requested the Articles of Incorporation be sent to him by O. Richard Wright , who will try to send them in response to JEV mailing a “rough draft” to him.
JEV suggests that we consider again the method of electing and seating officers.  We need to be thinking of qualified and willing members to fill looming vacancies before we get to Vicksburg.
REUNION COMMITTEE:  Chairman Gailen Vick
Lori Vick Millsap made suggestions for the reunion for the following days:  Friday – Early supper, followed by a sunset cruise on a riverboat.  The boat would take us on the river and have a narrative on what we are seeing. 
Return to hotel.
Saturday – Continental breakfast at our hotel followed by meetings.  Late afternoon we would go to the Martha Vick House for a buffet of heavy ordeuvers (sp?) where we can mingle with the attendees.
Sunday – Service at the Vicksburg Battlefield:  Early prayer service, time for those desiring to attend church services and then informal lunch at hotel after which we will leave for our various homes..
Shirley Anne Vick, Sec.